Matchrate (EN)

The match rate is a percentage of the number of email addresses to which website behavior can be linked. This link makes it possible to send trigger based emails, such as abandoned cart emails.

Checking the match rate

The match rate can be checked in Squeezely as follows:

  • Go to Data → Account Insight

  • Click on the question mark next to the number of profiles:

You can then calculate the match rate as follows:

Matched profiles / the number of email addresses in Squeezely (the count of the field email)

The average matchrate is between 30% and 50%

  • Go to Audiences → search for the audience in question

  • Click on the three bullets and 'Statistics'

  • The black line is the number of matched profiles of the audience

Increase the matchrate

The matchrate is automatically increased by events that meet the following conditions:

The following popular events meet these conditions:




The match rate can be increased by the following two Success Cases:

Recognize Known Email Addresses

Getting New Email Addresses