Intelligent Audiences

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Intelligent Audiences

Squeezely automatically creates four intelligent audiences for you, based on analysis of your Squeezely events:

The Audiences

Below table shows details for each audience. The period indicates the activity timeframe Squeezely has analyzed to identify each audience. Description contains information about the type of customers that are placed into each group.

Orientation PhaseLast 7 daysA potential buyer is just realizing a want or need.
Comparison PhaseLast 7 daysYou've got the consumer's attention,  you have to keep it.
Decision PhaseLast 7 daysThe potential buyer is strongly considering buying your product/service.
CustomersLast 2 yearsPeople who bought something in the past

Publishing your Audience

To publish an audience to one of your channels, click on the edit icon within the Intelligent Audience overview. In the edit menu, you can simply select the channel you are exporting to and save your audience.



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