Connecting External Channels

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Using Squeezely Data on External Channels

Squeezely can be connected to different external channels.This allows you to use your audiences and product sets to create 1-on-1 personalized experiences across multiple touchpoints.

Paid Advertising Channels

Updating your Tracking Scripts

Paid advertising channels offer you a way to collect data about the people visiting your website via a tracking script, also known as 'Pixel'. When connecting Paid Advertising channels to the Squeezely Platform, this updates the Squeezely Tracking Script for you. Every event you send through the Squeezely Tracking Script, will also be passed along to your connected paid advertising channels. This will allow you to create Website Audiences using the platform.

Do you currently have active tracking scripts on your website for channels you are connecting to the platform? We advise you to review the events you are tracking using these scripts and replacing them with Squeezely Events. This way you ensure no excess events are being sent. 

Available Connections

Go to Squeezely Company Settings to setup a connection to one of the available Paid Advertising channels:

  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Doubleclick

Email Service Providers

Syncing Email Opt Ins

When you are sending email opt in information to the Squeezely Platform, we will keep this up to date for your connected Email Service Providers. 

When will we update your Opt in Data?

  • Every time a new user is created on the Squeezely Platform and Email Opt In status has been set.
  • Every time the opt in status is changed for an existing users on the Squeezely Platform.

Available Connections

Find a description on the available settings when creating a connection below.

Your connection not listed? We are constantly adding new integrations, so please contact us.



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