Recruit new email addresses

For acquiring new email addresses, personalization is used on the website. Squeezely then automatically links the email address to the cookie, increasing the matching rate. Newsletter consent can be added to acquire email addresses as well.


Implementing Shopify, Magento 2, Lightspeed or loading the Base Tracker
Implementing Deployteq, Copernica, Mailjet, Spotler or importing email addresses (from other ESPs)

Creating an audience

Create an audience to not show the personalization in step 2 to profiles that already have a known email address:


Create Personalization

Create a personalization to acquire the email address and newsletter content:

Test the personalisation

Test the personalisation live on the website and see the effects on the 360° profile:



A white paper or extra information can be offered in exchange for the profile's email address.

The newsletter consent checkbox can be automatically filled and hidden by adding JavaScript and CSS to the personalization.

To autofill the checkbox, the following can be added to the JavaScript box of the variant:

document.getElementsByClassName("sqzly-checkbox")[0].setAttribute("checked", "true");

To hide the completed checkbox, the following can be added to the CSS box:

{{ cssPrefix }} .sqzly-fields label { display:none !important; }

Example JavaScript and CSS box:


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