Purchase (EN)

A profile triggers the purchase event when it has completed a payment.


In the Purchase event the following fields are recommended:

Note: the product id in the event should match the SKU of the product in Squeezely!

When products are offered in multiple languages, also the language (in which the product is purchased) has to be part of the product array as language. The notation for the language is ISO-639-1-ISO-3166 alpha 2.

By default the calculated value is the product prices x quantity. If you want to overrule this (for example including extra costs), you can add the totalvalue field

When more fields are displayed in the event, they will be included in the event additional fields sent in the event.

  • Go to Data and scroll to 'Events':

  • Click on Purchase

Is the event not listed in the overview? Check the implementation

Why aren't there any additional fields in the event? Add additional fields to the implementation of the event

Why aren't there any consent fields in the backend event? In the events no consent fields are shown which are received via the backend API. When you want to validate the forwarding of the consent fields it's recommended to send a backend event to a profile without consent and then check in the profile API if the consent fields have been changed.

  • Check the product id in the event (see instruction above)

  • Go to Products

  • Search for the product id in the search bar

    • Is the matching product shown? Click on the product and check the SKU

    • Don't see the matching product? Please check the implementation

  • Click on an event ID

  • Check the following fields in the event:

    • Created at: is this a time after the implementation of the API Call? If not select another event ID.

    • Api inserted & api verified: does one of these fields contain 'yes'? Then the event has been implemented correctly. If not, check the implementation.

Please note that the frontend and backend purchase are merged based on the order id. When you only send a backend purchase the consent fields are not visible in the event. A change in the consent can be checked in the profile of the event.


It is recommended to send the purchase event from the frontend and backend to Squeezely. The frontend purchase is triggered when the thank you page is loaded on the website, while the backend purchase is triggered from the order system. Based on the orderid, the frontend and backend purchases are merged into one purchase.

Because of the following situations, both the front-end and backend purchase are recommended:

  • The frontend purchase is not always triggered because the thank you page is not loaded

  • Some Adblockers do not accept cookies and therefore do not send frontend events to Squeezely

In the example below the advantage of sending both is shown:

Frontend purchase only

Frontend & Backend purchase

Frontend purchase only

Frontend & Backend purchase

  1. Profile A does a purchase

  2. Profile A clicks away the thank you page before it is loaded = no frontend purchase, so no purchase

  1. Profile B will make a purchase

  2. Profile B clicks away the thank you page before it loads = no frontend purchase

  3. The order system sends a message that Profile B has made a purchase = backend purchase

The Frontend and Backend Purchase can be implemented automatically with:



The Frontend Purchase event can be implemented manually with:


The Backend Purchase event can be manually implemented with: