Smart Tracking (EN)

Smart Tracking is the automatic reading of events in the Enhanced Ecommerce Datalayer. When Enhanced Ecommerce is part of your website, you can by Base Tracking implement automatically activate Smart Tracking of events

Base Tracking

The Smart Tracking needs to be activated in Squeezely before the Base Tracking is implemented. To activate the Smart Tracking, you can submit a request to the Squeezely Help Center with the subject "Activate Smart Tracking"

Smart Tracking

By activating Smart Tracking, the following events are automatically received in Squeezely:

In the events the following fields are sent along:

The field email is not part of the Smart Tracking fields. However, for the implementation of the Purchase this field is mandatory. The field can be added in the following two ways:

To implement more events you can use:

Custom datalayer?

Your datalayer is not an exact match with the Google syntax? Smart tracking does not allow you to make a selection, so a custom implementation with GTM makes more sense. On the page below, you can find some detailed examples based on a standard datalayer and change the relevant tags to your datalayer model.