Product Feed (EN)

With the Product Feed, products are updated in Squeezely. In Squeezely, product information can be imported via XML files, links or API Calls.

XML file

For updating products from an online file or Channable, you can use:

XML Feed

The products can be updated automatically with the Buckles connection:

API Calls

Through the backend, Squeezely can update products by:

API Calls (Products)

Pixel Products

In addition to uploading a feed, Squeezely also keeps track of when you send products in events on your website that are not present in your own feed. By changing the filter in the Product Catalog next to the search bar from "Feed products" to "Pixel products", you will see a list of these products and you can also filter in this. This will allow you to see if any products are missing from your feed, or if there are any discrepancies