AddToCart (EN)

A profile triggers the AddToCart event when it adds a product to the cart.


In the AddToCart event, the following fields are sent along as a minimum:

Note: the product id in the event must match the SKU of the product in Squeezely!

When products are offered in more than one language, also the language (in which the product is added to the cart) has to be part of the product array as language. The notation for the language is ISO-639-1-ISO-3166 alpha 2.

If more fields are displayed in the event, they will be additional fields are added to the event.

  • Go to Data and scroll to 'Events':

  • Click on AddToCart

Is the event not listed in the overview? Check the implementation

Why aren't there any additional fields in the event? Add additional fields to the implementation of the event

  • Check the product id in the event (see instruction above)

  • Go to Products

  • Search for the product id in the search bar

    • Is the matching product shown? Click on the product and check the SKU

    • Don't see the matching product? Please check the implementation


The AddToCart event can be implemented automatically with:

The event can be implemented manually with: