RemoveFromCart with Custom Tracking (EN)

The RemoveFromCart event should be triggered when a profile removes a product from the cart on the website.


The event sends at least the following:

Field label

Field content

Field label

Field content





Product id of the product that will be removed from the cart

Please note: the product id in the event needs to correspond with the SKU of the product in Squeezely!

An example of the AddToCart tracking can be found here: (see Example)

In the following circumstances more fields are required:

  1. Are there multiple languages used on the website? → then also send language in the product array

  2. Is there more than one currency used on the website? → also send currency in the event

Additional fields

In this event extra fields from the datalayer can be send along. Tip: send all fields that are available at the trigger in the datalayer and consult with the Squeezely users which extra fields they want to receive in the event.

An overview of the data fields you can send in the event, can be found here:

  • Activate the trigger on the website (for example in the case of ViewContent; view a product on the website)

  • Click on F12

  • Go to Console

  • Type 'datalayer' and press enter

  • Check in the response which fields are available:

Can't figure it out? Consult a webdeveloper

First you need to create the custom data fields in Squeezely

If the custom data fields are available in the datalayer, you can send them along with the field label: custom_(name of the field).

In the case of the custom data field custom_province, for example, custom_province must be sent along.


After the implementation you can check the incoming event with its fields as follows:

  • Go to Data and scroll to 'Events':

  • Click on RemoveFromCart

  • Check if the incoming data corresponds with the tracking

    • If yes, the event comes in complete

    • If not, check the implementation