SKU/Product ID (EN)

The SKU is the unique identifier of the product.


The SKU is a mandatory product field to store products in Squeezely.

Note: in the events and product feed the name id is used for this field.

Based on the SKU, Squeezely identifies the products that have been interacted with in the events. Attention: the product id in the events should correspond with the SKU of the products in Squeezely.

  • A profile triggers the following event:

  • Squeezely interprets the product id as '1'

  • Squeezely searches the database for the product with SKU '1'

  • When the product is present, Squeezely can make the link between the event and the product fields of product 1

  • Go to Products

  • Enter the SKU of the product in the search bar

  • Click on the product and check the product field SKU

Are you getting no results from the search? Check the implementation of the product feed


The SKU can be implemented automatically with:

The product field can be implemented manually with: