XML Feed (EN)

The XML Feed is an XML file with products and their associated product fields. By importing the XML file periodically into Squeezely, products are updated.

Product fields

To process products in Squeezely, the following product fields are minimally required in the XML Feed:

ID (SKU in Squeezely)

Title (name in Squeezely)

Link (URL in Squeezely)

To store additional product information in Squeezely, the following product fields are recommended:

Special product fields

For subdividing products in variants (for example size or color), the following field can be used:


For merging products into categories the following product fields can be used

Category_id or Categories

To update special product information, use can be made of:

Custom product fields


If products are offered in several languages, a separate feed should be imported for each language. In each feed, the product id must match and the product fields should be processed separately.


The implementation of the XML Feed consists of:

Setting up the XML Feed

Importing the XML Feed

A feed made for Google Merchant Center can also be read by Squeezely! You can then use the same source without any modifications.

Checking the XML Feed

For more information on how to specifically check a product field, see this example Price