Products (EN)

Products are the products with which profiles can interact. The products stored in Squeezely can be found under Products. Products consist of product fields and can be saved in multiple languages.

By default, a product that is no longer in the feed is placed on disabled and removed after 7 days. If you do not want this, you can activate the “Don't cleanup products” option in settings.


Product fields are fields of products in which product information is stored. The products stored in Squeezely can be found under the Products tab. Products will be removed from Squeezely if they are not part of the Product Feed for seven days.

By clicking on a product, you can view the product fields of the product. Products have at least the following product fields:

The following product fields may contain additional information:

For deviating product information, use is made of:

Can't find a product in Products? Check the implementation

Why are there no additional product fields? Add additional fields to the product feed implementation


The product fields can contain information in different languages.

  • Go to Products

  • Select a language and view any products:

  • Click on a product

    • The product fields are saved in multiple languages when the following is visible at the top:

Is this bar not visible? Check the implementation of the product feed Is deze balk niet zichtbaar?