Parent ID (EN)

The parent ID is the SKU of the parent product. Products with the same parent ID are considered variants of the parent product.


The parent ID is not a mandatory product field. However, the field is crucial for merging product variants under a parent product. Well known examples of product variants are: sizes, colors or versions.

Suppose you have three products on your website:

  • Blue pants

  • Blue pants size S

  • Blue pants size M

With the following setup you can process in Squeezely that the products belong together:

  • Blue pants with SKU 1

  • Blue pants size S with SKU 100 and parent_id 1

  • Blue pants size M with SKU 101 and parent_id 1

  • Go to Products

  • Please enter the SKU or name of the product into the search bar

  • Click on the product

  • Does the following screen open 'select a variant'? In that case a product has multiple variants

  • Click on a variant and look at the product field Parent ID

  • The Parent ID is the SKU of the parent product

Is the field not filled? Add the field to the implementation of the product feed


The parent ID can be implemented automatically with:

The product field can be implemented manually with: