Data Retention (EN)

Squeezely gives you the ability to manage how long data is stored in your account and on your customers' devices.
This allows you to ensure that you stay within the maximum data storage capacity of your account and communicate transparently to customers after how much time data will be deleted.

Set data retention

Go to settings in your Squeezely account. Here you will find the setting 'Data Retention'. By default, this is set to '0', which means that data is never automatically deleted.

By adjusting this setting, you can determine after how many months of inactivity the data of your visitors will be deleted.
If you choose to set it for 12 months, then visitors who were last recognized more than 12 months ago are automatically removed.

By default, only data from unknown visitors is removed, these are visitors who do not have an email address or userid stored in the 360-degree profile.

Do you also want to remove data from identified inactive visitors? Then turn on the setting 'Also delete identified profiles after data retention period expires'.

By default, the Squeezely 1st party cookies are valid for 30 years. This means that the cookie remains active on the device of your visitors for 30 years, as long as it is not discarded.

Do you want the cookies to expire earlier? Then set your cookie expiration period yourself under settings.