Setup Push Notifications (EN)

Implement script

Before Push Notifications can be used, a script must be implemented on the website. You can read more about this in our API documentation.

To trigger the web push notification, web push consent is required. You can collect this consent by overlaying the following in the CTA url input field:

{{ requestPushNotification }}

This variable replaces the CTA url with a JavaScript function that gives the browser consent for web push notifications.

The consent is given to the cookie and not to the profile! If the consent has already been given in the browser, the personalization will no longer be displayed!

In an overlay this would look as follows:

Messaging Node

With a messaging node you can trigger a web push notification in the browser, if a profile has given consent for web push. The node looks like this:

To use a messaging node, web push must be activated for your account. Web push activation can be requested at For more information see Add on Features

In the messaging node you can set the following:

  • Node title: the name of the node in the journey

  • Image Url: an image (if any) that will be shown in the web push

  • Icon Url: an icon (if any) that will be shown in the web push

  • Title: the title shown in the web push

  • Body: the body shown in the web push

  • CTA url: the link behind the Call To Action of the web push

  • CTA text: the text of the Call To Action of the web push

Create audience

An audience can be created based on the web push consent:

This audience can be used as an entry for the journey with the messaging node, to show the notification.