Events to Google and FB (EN)

When you create the link with Facebook and/or Google, we will send all sorts of data from Squeezely to both platforms, depending on what you send to Squeezely and which personalizations and audiences you have created. This article only concerns browser-side events, for Facebook you can also request the Conversions API, in which case we also send all received events server-side to Facebook.



  • All standard Squeezely events: SessionStart, PageView, Purchase, PrePurchase, AddToCart, RemoveFromCart, ViewContent, ViewCategory, Search, Custom, Lead, CompleteRegistration, EmailOptIn, InitiateCheckout

  • PersonalizationView: An event with data about the seen personalization and variant

  • SqueezelyAudience: A string value event containing all audiences of that visitor

You can verify all events by installing the Facebook Pixel Helper and Google Tag Assistant extensions.

Product events

When you send events with product information to Squeezely, we will also forward them. This concerns the events Purchase, PrePurchase, AddToCart, RemoveFromCart, ViewContent. With ViewCategory we forward a category ID.


Product info in an array:

[{"id":"1100000002043","name":"Maxi Jurk Lorena Berry Bliss Koraal","price":67.6,"language":"NL"}]

On top of that, the totalvalue (based on either your own totalvalue in the event, or price x quantity), currency and the product_ids.



At Google, we forward separate attributes per Google Syntax, these are: ecomm_currency, ecomm_totalvalue, ecomm_page type, ecomm_prodid and ecomm_prodids. The names of the events are also different than in Facebook. For example, Viewcontent here is called "sqzly_view_item" but within this event we still send the attribute "ecomm_event" containing the name as you see it in Squeezely.

When you sync audiences, the events are often a fallback rule to generate the highest possible match rate.

Dynamic remarketing? This is possible! We forward ecomm_pagetype and ecomm_prodid. ecomm_prodid contains the first ID found (for product page there is only one usually), so if your feed corresponds to your Squeezely products, you can use dynamic remarketing. We also forward all found IDs in ecomm_prodids, this is not automatically picked up by Google but you can use it yourself.



This event is triggered when a pageview qualifies for a personalization. Note that the control variant is also included in this event.


  • personalization_id_view: ID of your personalization

  • personalization_variant_id: ID of the variant within the personalization

  • control_variant: true or false value, depending if the visitor saw the control variant

To Google Ads we only send an ecomm_event with the value PersonalizationView, you can however receive detailed information through Google Analytics.SqueezelyAudience


As soon as a profile qualifies for an audience or more, we also send on each pageload a list of all audiences to which the profile currently belongs. For the audiences themselves, we check that the string contains the relevant ID.Facebook

event: SqueezelyAudience
audience_ids: A string value containing all audiences.


Event: sqzly_SqueezelyAudience
ecomm_event: SqueezelyAudience
ecomm_audience_ids: A string value containing all audiences.

When you sync an audience from Squeezely to FB / Google, we use two (OR) conditions: the audience ID and where possible, the event itself. You can also use the event data to create your own conditions for a new audience.