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Connecting your Facebook ads account

Go to Company Settings to install the Facebook Channel connector.

What will happen when I install the Facebook Connector?

  • Tracker events your website sends to Squeezely, will be sent to your selected Facebook Pixel in real time.
  • Products from your Squeezely Product Catalog will be exported to your selected Facebook Catalog every hour.
  • Audiences exported to Facebook form Audience builder will be synced to your designated Facebook Ad Account
  • Product Sets created in Squeezely will be synced to Facebook Catalog Manager if they are compatible

When selecting an existing Product Catalog

Products from Squeezely will appear in this catalog. Keep in mind that these can be featured in existing Facebook campaigns depending on your campaign settings. To prevent this, leave your selection under Product Catalog empty and Squeezely will create a new catalog for you.

When selecting an existing Facebook Pixel
This Pixel will receive all events that are being sent to Squeezely. To prevent duplicate events being sent to Facebook, please confirm your website does not send any events to Facebook directly or via tools such as Google Tag Manager.

Do you already have a Facebook pixel implemented? To achieve optimal results you can remove this as all events you send to Squeezely, we sync browser and serverside (if you use the conversions API) to Facebook. Your own events can affect the quality of the events.


Go to the Facebook connector in Squeezely company settings, click 'add' and then 'login at Facebook'. You will need access to the business manager account, the pixel and advertisement account you want to link. 

You will then be logged in to Facebook and be able to configure the following:

Business Manager
Choose the business manager account you want to use for the connection.

Facebook & Instagram Page
It is mandatory to select a Facebook page, Instagram is optional. Squeezely will never post to these pages.

Product Catalog
Select an existing catalog if available; Squeezely Squeezely will update this with the products from your Squeezely account. If you currently don't have a catalog, you can choose to make one. 

Facebook ad account
Select the correct Facebook ad account you want to connect.

Facebook Pixel Id
Select your pixel ID, we will use this ID to send events to on your website.

Now press continue. The connection is completed!

Where can I find my audiences in Facebook?

You will find all audiences that have been synced to Facebook from Audience Builder under 'audiences' in Facebook Ads Manager. 

Where can I find my products in Facebook?

You will find all products from your Squeezely catalog under 'items' in Facebook Catalog Manager. 

Using Facebook Conversions API

Squeezely has an integration with Facebook Conversions API. Ask your account manager to activate this integration for you. 

When Facebook Conversions API is activated Squeezely will pass all events to Facebook via a direct server to server connection with Facebook. This method can greatly improve match rates of your audiences and drive conversions of you campaigns. 

You will find details about events passed through the Facebook Conversions API in Facebook Event Manager. Recognize events by the tag Browser + Server.



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