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Events are interactions of profiles with your organization. They are sent based on triggers and can contain fields with data.


The name of the events in Squeezely refer to the triggers of the interactions. The events received in Squeezely can be found under the Data tab. In each event it is mentioned when the event was received and which (if any) url triggered the event. The events of a profile can be found in the event data of the profile.

The following events are created by Squeezely:

The most popular events received in Squeezely are:

Divergent events can be received as:

🛠 Custom event (EN)

titleHow can I check which events come into Squeezely?
  • Go to Data and scroll to 'Events':

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❓ Is the event not among the events in the overview? ➡ Check the implementation


In the events fields with data about the interaction can be sent along. The fields you can send to Squeezely can be found here: Data fields (EN)