PersonalizationClick (EN)

A profile triggers the PersonalizationClick event when it clicks on a personalization click. When a profile needs to leave data fields in the personalization, the event is not triggered until all fields are filled in.

Scenario 1

Scenario 2

Scenario 3

Scenario 1

Scenario 2

Scenario 3

Profile A clicks on a personalization that redirects to the shopping cart = PersonalizationClick

Profile B clicks the send button of a newsletter personalization, but forgets to fill in his email address = no PersonalizationClick and the missing fields are marked red

Profile C clicks the send button of the newsletter personalization after having filled in his email address = PersonalizationClick


In the PersonalizationClick event, the following fields are sent along:

  • Personalization_id & personalization_id_click: the id of the personalization that the profile clicked on

  • Personalization_variant_id & personalization_variant_id_click: the id of the personalization that the profile clicked on

  • Product array: (if any) the product that was clicked on in the personalization

If more fields are displayed in the event, they are additional fields will be included in the event.

  • Go to Data and scroll to 'Events':

  • Click on the event PersonalizationClick

Is the event not listed in the overview? Check if a personalization has ever been live in the account. If yes, check the Implementation. If not, put a personalization live.


The PersonalizationClick event can be implemented automatically with:

The event can be implemented manually by loading: