PersonalizationView (EN)

A profile triggers the PersonalizationView event when it meets the conditions of a personalization.


In the PersonalizationView event, the following fields are provided:

  • Personalization_id & personalization_id_view: the id of the personalization for which the profile matched the conditions

  • Personalization_variant_id & personalization_variant_id_view: the id of the personalization variant that is assigned to the profile

  • Control_variant:

    • True, when the profile is assigned to the control variant

    • False, when the profile is not assigned to the control group variant

  • Go to Data and scroll to 'Events':

  • Click on the event PersonalizationView

Is the event not listed in the overview? Check if a personalization has ever been live in the account. If yes, check the implementation. If not, put a personalization live.


The PersonalizationView event can be implemented automatically with:

The event can be implemented manually by loading: