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Welcome to the Squeezely Public Knowledgebase. Here is where you will find everything you need to know about using the Squeezely Platform.

Getting Started

Congratulations! You have decided to start building profiles using Squeezely Data Management Platform. Setting up a successful integration is not difficult, but it requires a little bit of planning. In this knowledge base you will be able to find information on how the platform works and how to successfully set it up. Just follow our step by step task list below, or navigate the knowledge base by yourself using the navigation on the right. Good luck! 

Company Settings

In your company settings you can control some essential functionalities on the Squeezely Platform. Access your Company settings via:

This will bring you to the screen below:

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Here is where you put in the name of your company.

Datalayer Enabled

When this setting is enabled Squeezely Audience Id's will be published to your website's datalayer for each visitor. This allows you to modify your website content based on the audience a user qualifies for. Currently this setting is whitelisted for selected accounts only. Ask your Squeezely account manager about this setting.

Using utm_campaign in your advertisements

By default Squeezely will generate ?sqzl_campaign=your_identifier URL extensions for your campaigns. If you want to use utm_campaign instead, you can use this setting.


Select the currency of the products sold in your store here.

Control Percentage

The control percentage will exclude a random group of visitors from all your audiences. In your dashboard you will be able to find out if this control group has showed different spending behavior as opposed to people that were targeted by your campaigns. You can set this only once!


This is your key to transfer data using our Squeezely API. As mentioned on the form, we advise you to keep this a secret (smile).

Collecting Data using Squeezely DMP

After completing your company settings, move right on to sending data into Squeezely DMP. Below you will find a list of tasks

Collecting Data using Squeezely CDP

To setup your Squeezely Account a couple of simple steps need to be taken. We have created a short task list that will guide you through the installation!


Live Search


Want to find info about a specific feature? Check out these topics below!

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