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Welcome to the Squeezely Public Knowledgebase. Here is where you will find everything you need to know about using the Squeezely Platform.

Setting up Squeezely Tracking

To start building user profiles from visitors on your website you will have to setup the Squeezely Tag on all your pages. Using events you are able to build these profiles with valuable information about your site visitors. This information can be used in Squeezely Audiences and Squeezely Campaigns later on. 

This guide will explain the following topics:

  1. Page views: How to create a profile for each visitor and track all web pages they visit.
  2. Products: How to collect data about actions involving products or other items within your website. 
  3. Conversions: How to correctly measure conversions using our 'Purchase' event.
  4. Custom Events & Fields: How to collect data from additional actions visitors can take on your website.

Squeezely Base Tracker & PageView Event

To make sure a profile is created for each visitor it is important to load the Squeezely Base Tracker and a 'PageView' event on all webpages.

How does it work? 

Step 1: Login to and find your personalized tracking snippet (See example below).

Step 2: Place your personalized tracking snippet on all of your webpages.

Step 3: You are now creating profiles for everybody that visits your website. Returning visitors will be recognized and data they generate will be stored into their unique profile.

Code Block
titleSqueezely Base Tracker
    <script type="text/javascript">



Tracking Pageviews

With the base tracker, also load the PageView event. This makes sure every visited page is also saved into the users profile.

How does it work? 

Step 1: Add the 'PageView' event code below to all pages of your website, just like the base tracker. This will make sure all visited URL's are stored into the user profiles.

Step 2: When a user visits your website, Squeezely will now save a log of all the URL's that are being visited by the user, into the user profile.  

Code Block
titleSqueezely PageView Event
    <script type="text/javascript">

        window._sqzl = window._sqzl || [];

            "event" : "PageView"


Tracking Products

To collect data about interactions of visitors with products on your website, we have created some standard events that can be used to collect information about your visitors actions.

Event NameEvent TriggerRequired Fields
ViewCategoryWhen a category page is being visited. This could be an overview of all multiple products belonging to this category. F.e. 'Shoes'category_id -
Used to identify the corresponding category in your Product Catalog
ViewContentWhen a product page is being visited. F.e. 'Three Stripe, Blue, Size 40'Product id, name, category & price.
This tells us which products have been viewed by the visitor.
AddToCartWhen a product has been added to the shopping cart.Product id, name, category & price.
This tells us which products have been added to the visitor's Cart.

Tracking Conversions

To measure accurately what products are being purchased by your customers, two events can be used:

Event NameEvent TriggerRequired Fields
PrePurchaseUse this event to confirm a purchase has been started, but has yet to be finished. For example just before a customer is redirected to an external payment environment.

Products, Email, Customer name.

PurchaseWhen a purchase has been made by the customer.Order id, Products, Email, Customer name.

Tracking Custom Events

Next to our Squeezely Standard Events, it is possible to collect custom events as well. With custom events you get to define your own action for which you send the event and store the data into the user profile.

Code Block
titleSqueezely Custom Event
    <script type="text/javascript">

        window._sqzl = window._sqzl || [];

            "event" : "MyCustomEvent"


Verify your setup

Want to know if all events you are sending are being properly received by the Squeezely Platform? Visit our guide about tracking verification to find out which events have been received.


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