Verify your tracking

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Verify your Tracking events

To verify your tracking setup, visit the data tab in Squeezely Platform. You will be able to verify if we are receiving all the events you are sending to Squeezely and if the information you are sending along with your events is formatted according to our specifications.


On top of the page you will find an overview of all the events that have been sent to Squeezely. Click on the status to see an example of data we have received. 

Squeezely generated events
On top of the events you are sending to Squeezely, you will also find events generated by Squeezely:

SessionStart - This event is triggered the first time a visitor comes to your site and again each time a visitor returns after a period of 30 minutes without activity has gone by.
PersonalizationView -This event is triggered each time a personalization was shown to a visitor by Squeezely.
PersonalizationClick - This event is triggered each time a personalization was clicked by a visitor.

Live Events

Want to view your events as they are coming in? Go to the Live Events tab to see everything we are receiving from your systems.


Next to your events you will also find an overview of your fields. You will find the following information about your fields:

Field name - The name of your field
Data Type - Is it a Text, Number, Date or counter field?
Count - How many values have we received for this field up to today (updated every hour)
Custom Field - Is this a custom field that you have created?
Profile Field - Profile fields will be attached to a profile directly and are overwritten with the last value each time the are set.
URL Parameter -
This indicated if you can set the field through a parameter in your URL.



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