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titleWhich data fields can I send in the event?

An overview of the data fields you can send in the event, can be found here: 📄 Data fields (EN)

titleWhich data fields are available for the trigger in the datalayer?
  • Activate the trigger on the website (for example in the case of ViewContent; view a product on the website)

  • Click on F12

  • Go to Console

  • Type 'datalayer' and press enter

  • Check in the response which fields are available:

Can❓Can't figure it out? Consult a webdeveloper

titleHow can I send custom data fields in the event?

First you need to create the custom data fields in Squeezely Create 🛠 Creating custom data fields (EN)

If the custom data fields are available in the datalayer, you can send them along with the field label: custom_(name of the field).

In the case of the custom data field custom_province, for example, custom_province must be sent along.