[EN] Datatrics to Spotler Activate migration FAQ

Dear Valued Customer, 

Welcome to Spotler Activate! As you transition from Datatrics, we have created a concise FAQ to guide you. Explore our glossary, learn how to use Spotler Activate, access support, implement tracking scripts, and more. We are here to ensure a smooth journey. For any assistance, reach out to our support team. 


Datatrics and Spotler Activate use different terminology for elements in the platform. We made this glossary to make it as clear as possible for you: 


Spotler Activate 

Hybrid Campaign 

Journey Builder 



Master profile 

360° profile 



Recommendation Strategy 

Product set 



Touchpoint mail feed 

Product set RSS feed 

What is the best way to start learning to work in Spotler Activate? 

By using the platform! We created handy success cases you can follow to start and learn. We also recommend checking out the Demo

How can I contact Spotler Activate Support? 

You can file a support request on this page

Does Spotler Activate have a Help Center like Datatrics does? 

Most definitely! You can find it here

Can I easily implement the Spotler Activate tracking script in Google Tag Manager? 

Yes! We created an easy import file for you so you can easily capture GA4 events and send them over to Spotler Activate. 

How do I connect my tools to Spotler Activate? 

It is mostly the same as in Datatrics, often via OAuth or by adding API keys/secrets to the connector pages. All connectors can be found on this Apps page in Spotler Activate. 

I am missing a connector. What now? 

There is a good chance we are already working on it. Please get in touch with your migration contact about it. 

Can I group personalizations in Spotler Activate like I group my touchpoints in campaigns? 

Personalizations are all listed together on the personalization page. You can add labels to group and easily find them. 

Can I use the styling (CSS) and JavaScript from my Datatrics touchpoints in Spotler Activate? 

If your touchpoint was fully built in HTML/CSS/JavaScript you can easily copy the code from Datatrics to Spotler Activate. If this is not the case, you need to rebuild it manually. 

Can I add multiple product feeds to one merchant? 

Yes! But it is good to know that Spotler Activate merges products into one product. You can still use different languages and use their content in your personalizations. 

I use a lot of helpers in my touchpoints. Does Spotler Activate support this as well? 

Yes! Although they are called Nunjucks. You can find documentation on them here

I use Datatrics touchpoint feeds in my Email Service Provider but cannot create a feed personalization in Spotler Activate. 

No worries! Feeds to use in Email Service Providers can be found in your product sets. Click on the three dots on the right of the product set to find the product RSS feed URL. The variable to use for Spotler Activate is an email address instead of a profile ID in Datatrics.