Success Cases overview (EN)

To get started with Squeezely, we recommend the following Success Cases:

Succes Case


Succes Case


Recognizing email addresses on the website in order to send email notifications based on website behavior. For recognition, use is made of: E-mail hashing

Recruiting email addresses in overlays on the website, so you can send communications via email based on website behavior.

Collecting additional data on profiles.

Recommending products in website content. These recommendations are compiled based on two patterns: Items you may like & Recommended for you

Recommending products in a pop-up on the website. These recommendations are compiled based on two patrons: Items you may like & Recommended for you


Showing previously viewed products to returning website visitors.


Sending previously viewed products to website visitors.

Posting of products that website visitors still have in the shopping cart.


Actively persuading website visitors with overlays on the website.

Subtly persuading website visitors with product information on the website.


Recommending complementary items to website visitors in the shopping cart or checkout.

Sending suggestions to profiles that have previously made a purchase.

Want to realize deviant cases? Go to: Special Cases

Events in Squeezely

Success cases require events in Squeezely. The events can be set up automatically with:

Of handmatig doormiddel van:

Products in Squeezely

Success Cases also require products in Squeezely. Products can be automatically updated with plugins or self-implemented solutions: