Pure 360

Using the Squeezely Connector for Pure 360 you will be able to sync data from Squeezely to your Pure 360 account. Using this connector you will be able to send audiences, profiles, triggers and product sets from Squeezely to Pure 360.


For the implementation of Pure 360 refer to:

By completing the implementation, e-mail addresses and newsletter consents are synchronised once between Pure360 and Squeezely. After establishing the connection, the following data will be synchronised:

  • Email addresses: new email addresses will be synchronized from Squeezely to Pure 360 only for profiles given newsletter consent in Squeezely.

  • Consent: Squeezely only sends data to Pure360 for contacts that have a Newsletter Opt In in the Squeezely Platform.

  • Profile fields: Profile fields that have been mapped in the Squeezely Channel settings are synced to your Pure 360 list each time a user is entered into an audience or journey from Squeezely.

New opt ins & opt outs can be synchronized from Pure360 to Squeezely by implementing our callback URL. Refer to your account manager at Pure 360 to set this up.

Audiences & Profiles

In the Audience Builder, you can send Audiences to Pure 360 by selecting Pure 360 as export Channel:

Audiences will be synced to your selected master list and show up as filters in Pure 360.

Triggers & Productsets

Using Journey Builder, you can create triggers (f.e. abandoned browse, cart) that will send a message from Pure360.

To trigger a message in Pure 360, select the E-mail node in Journey Builder:

In the E-mail node you can set the following:

  • Message: A message you have created in Pure360

  • Products: Select a product set which is sent along with the trigger and will determine the products that will be shown in your message. Learn more about product sets here.

  • Personalization: A personalized HTML snippet you have created in Squeezely. This will determine the styling of your products included in the message. Learn more about email personalization here.

Creating your message template in Pure360

In Pure 360, go to ‘messages’ to edit an existing template or create a new one.

Run through the following steps to include your Squeezely snippet in the message.

  1. Within the editor from 'components’ add a single column to your template.

  2. Drag a text block into the single column in your message.

  3. In the text block, paste the following placeholder {~personalizationHtml~} 

  4. Save your template.

This should look something like the image below.

When using Journey Builder to trigger an email from Pure 360, items will automatically show up in your message from your selected Squeezely Product Set. The products will appear in the place where you put the placeholder {~personalizationHtml~} tag. This will look something like this: