Journeys (EN)

Based on events or audiences profiles can be added to customer journeys in which certain actions are undertaken. By clicking on New Journey you can create a new journey.


The settings of the journey are determined with:

The flow of the journey is composed in:


In Squeezely, under Journeys you will find the existing journeys:

In the top part you can view the following statistics of journeys within the set time frame:

  • Started: the number of profiles added to the journey within the timeframe

  • Reached goal: the percentage of profiles that left the journey via a goal node

  • In journey: The number of profiles that are in the journey

  • Completed: the amount of profiles that have left the journey via a goal node

  • Exit : the amount of profiles that has left the journey by means of an exit node

Attention: pausing a journey means that profiles are no longer admitted to the journey. The profiles already in the journey will continue to be in the journey. You can remove the profiles from the journey by means of reset or abort settings.

In the columns you'll see per journey the following:

  • Name: the name of the journey

  • In journey: the number of profiles in the journey

  • Created: the date when the journey is created

  • Status: the status of the journey

By clicking on the three little bullets behind a personalization, you can:

  • Edit: modify the journey

  • Show users: view the profiles in the journey

  • Inject customers: injecting a profile on the basis of the contact id into the journey

  • Inject audience: to inject an audience into the journey

  • Copy: copying the personalisation

  • Reset: resetting the personalization which removes all profiles from the journey and resets the statistics

  • Delete: delete the personalization

In a profile you can see in which journeys the profile is located