Personalizations (EN)

Audiences can be used to tailor communications on the website. By clicking on New Personalization you can create a new personalization.


The variants of personalizations are composed in:

The settings of the personalization are determined with:


In Squeezely, under Personalizations you will find the existing personalizations:

The prioritization for showing the personalizations is determined based on the ranking:

In the columns, you will see the following for each personalization:

  • Name: the name of the personalization. The variants of the personalization can be viewed by clicking the 'v' to the left of the name.

  • Statistics: the statistics of the personalization. By clicking on Columns, you can select which statistics you want to see in the overview:

  • Created: the date the personalization was created

  • Status: the status of the personalization

By standing on the three bullets behind a personalization you can:

  • Edit: adjust the personalization

  • Statistics: view the statistics

  • Copy: copy the personalisation

  • Delete: remove the personalization


Go to Personalizations and click on the date or cog:

For more information see: