Profile data (EN)

The properties and product sets of profiles are stored as profile data. The properties are data fields of profiles that can be overwritten with new values. The product sets are products that have been put together for profiles based on interactions or patterns.

When a profile moves, the data field 'city' can be overwritten with the new city of the profile.

When a profile puts two products in the shopping cart, these products will be added to the product sets 'Added to Cart'.

Contact info

In the contact info, the following (if any) are data fields stored:

  • Email

  • First name

  • Last Name

  • Phone

  • Gender

  • Birthdate

  • Zipcode

  • City

  • Country

  • Currency


In Squeezely the standard product sets are automatically created. It is also possible to compose your own product sets. Of each product set, the first four products will be shown. In the upper right corner you can switch between the different product sets of the profile.

The standard product sets are:

  • Top 20 most sold products

  • 20 random products

  • Last viewed

  • Added to cart

  • Purchased

  • Recommended for you

  • Items you may like

  • Last viewed (no fallback)

Other fields

The other fields are the data fields which Squeezely adds to the profile based on the collected Data

When the product field Brand is part of the product information, it automatically tracks which three brands are most viewed by the profile.

When the product field is Categories is part of the product informationWhen the product field is part of the , it will automatically keep track of which three categories are the most viewed by the profile.

Custom fields

The custom fields are the data fields that are created to store special information as profile fields. An example is the subscription type of a profile.

More information about creating custom data fields can be found here:

Consent is the permission a profile has given for storing cookies and sending emails. By clicking on 'Consent Log' you can see the historical consent changes of the profile.

In Squeezely, you can track three types of consent for sending emails:

  • Service: permission to send emails based on a purchase. In the Purchase event it's recommended to include service consent.

  • Newsletter: permission to send emails based on an opt-in. In the event it is EmailOptIn event it is recommended to include newsletter consent.

  • Marketing: permission to share data with third parties (Facebook, Google, etc.) based on the email address.

In Squeezely you can handle cookie consent in two ways:

  • Simple consent

  • Multilevel consent

More information about the consensus levels can be found here User Consent Levels

External identifiers

The identifiers linked to the profile. For example, the profile can be linked to multiple cookies and identifiers of the ESP.