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If more fields are displayed in the event, they will be additional fields are added to the event.

titleHow can I check the event in Squeezely?
  • Go to Data and scroll to 'Events':

  • Click on RemoveFromCart

❓Is the event not listed in the overview? ➡ Check the implementation

❓Why aren't there any additional fields in the event? ➡ Add additional fields to the implementation of the event

titleHow can I check if the product id in the event matches the SKU of the product in Squeezely?
  • Check the product id in the event (see instruction above)

  • Go to Products

  • Search for the product id in the search bar

    • Is the matching product shown? Click on the product and check the SKU

    • The matching product is not shown? Please check the implementation


The RemoveFromCart event can be implemented automatically with: